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About the Gulf Stream Society

The Newport Bermuda Race is the oldest, regularly scheduled ocean race, and its co-organizers, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and The Cruising Club of America, decided it was high time to recognize the race’s most persistent competitors. The Gulf Stream Society intends to highlight the intrepid sailors who have repeatedly set forth from Newport, RI, across the Stream, and celebrated with satisfaction upon arrival off St. Georges and the Bermuda Islands.

More than 50,000 men and women of all ages and 5,000 yachts have sailed in this unique race that is known and respected worldwide as “The Thrash to the Onion Patch.” But how many have sailed the race at least five times?

The Gulf Stream Society invites all sailors who have completed five or more Newport Bermuda Races to apply for this membership. Special recognition will be due those who have sailed in 10 or 15 or more races.

Those qualifying for Gulf Stream Society membership should complete and submit the application below. Once applications are reviewed, qualified members will receive a letter of commendation along with a pin indicating participation in 5, 10, 15 or more races.  Society membership will posted on the Gulf Stream Society Roll on the Newport Bermuda Race website.  The only obligation of Society membership is to wear the membership pin with a smile and to invite those sailors who are struggling with fewer than five races under their belt, to go ahead and sign up for the next race.

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