Bermuda Race Competitor Bulletin #8: Important Communications Information

May 21, 2024

By Kate Somers

Nav Station onboard

SMS/text messages to be sent to the ‘Primary Mobile’ phone for important timely race information before the start in Newport and at the finish in Bermuda.

New for the 2024 race, the Race Committee will  be sending important and timely communications using SMS/Text to the ‘Primary Onboard Mobile (not Sat Phone) number associated with the entry. This method of communication is intended for timely communications from the Race Committee which will include sending a link to each boat’s on-line Finish Declaration just prior to each boat’s finish of the race (see 13.3 and 13.4 in soon-to-be-published Sailing Instructions), as well as important timely notices as necessary before the start of the race. Please visit your entry and confirm your information is correct.

Log in to Entry Portal / Racing / My Race Entries. Click on Manage:

Please ensure the following criteria are met for the ‘Primary Mobile’ number saved in the entry details on the Bermuda Race Entry System:

  • This phone is a mobile telephone designed to operate on a land-based cellular telephony network. Do NOT enter the required satellite phone number here.
  • The phone associated with the saved number is provisioned for mobile/cellular service (SMS/Text) in Newport, Rhode Island and in Bermuda.
  • The mobile phone associated with the saved number is turned on, readily accessible and monitored by the PIC, RPIC and/or NAV during the week prior to the start, and until out of cell range after the start.
  • The mobile phone associated with the saved number is turned on and readily accessible and monitored by the PIC, RPIC and/or NAV from when the boat is abeam Kitchen Shoals and until a few days after finishing.
  • The number saved in the entry details is in a format such that text / SMS messages to that number will be received by the phone in Newport and Bermuda.

Continuous Satellite Communications Watch to be maintained while racing
Per NBRSR 3.11.4, the Satellite communication system shall be on and ready to accept an incoming call at all times. As part of the Race’s commitment to safety, it is imperative that the required satellite communication system on each boat operates and is managed in a way that ensures authorities can make contact by satellite phone call with any boat in the race as and when necessary. To help achieve this reliability, two changes have been made to the race for 2024.

First, Notice of Race, 3.3(f) requires that a Satellite Communication System validation call must be placed to the committee prior to on-site registration in Newport. This call is to be placed from the boat, using the satellite phone configured as it will be for the race. The Committee will compare the number of the device making the validation call (caller ID number) to the number entered in the entry system for ‘Satellite phone #1’. Only calls from numbers that match the number entered in the system will be considered validated. Entries that are not validated will not be allowed to pass on-site registration. Note – if you have purchased a ‘local relay’ phone number from a satellite telephone service provider, be sure to enter the actual satellite telephone number, NOT the local relay number, in the entry system for ‘Satellite Phone #1. TIP: Before placing your requisite validation call, do a test call by calling your CELL phone from your SAT phone and confirm that the Caller ID you see matches what you have entered in the Entry Portal.

Log in to Entry Portal / My Boats / Click on Manage: Scroll down to Extended Information:

A screenshot of a computer

Second, Sailing Instructions 11.3, reinforces NBRSR 3.11 - when racing, boats shall be ready at all times to receive satellite telephone calls. To verify compliance with this requirement, the Race Committee will randomly select boats and call the provided satellite phone number at any time while racing. Boats are expected to answer all calls, but we of course understand that situations aboard may prevent answering a particular call.  If a boat fails to answer a call from the Race Committee, the committee will attempt to contact the boat using other methods, including email to the boat's Offshore Email Address and by posting the boat on the Offshore Notice Board at the next regularly scheduled update. If the boat fails to answer or return the call within 6 hours of the initial call, it may be protested by the committee. See the Sailing Instructions for details.

As you prepare for NOR 3.3(f), NBRSR 3.11, and Sailing Instruction 11.3, please ensure the following criteria are met for your Satellite Communications system:

  • Your boat’s satellite phone number is entered in ‘Satellite Phone #1’ field on the entry system. This number should match the number that will be displayed by ‘caller ID’ of the receiving station.
  • Your boat’s satellite phone, or satellite communications system is configured and managed such that an incoming call at any time can be detected and answered.
  • If an incoming call is missed and you can identify that a call has been missed along with the missed phone number, make a return call from the satellite phone.

On the you will find a FAQ regarding the use of systems such as Starlink to satisfy NBRSR 3.11.

Crew List Deadline, June 7

The Crew List deadline is approaching quickly. All entries are encouraged to complete Crew Lists on the entry system as soon as possible. Please note the distinction between the event Crew List, and the Crew Locker.

All Competitors who will be sailing on your boat must be listed in your ‘Crew List’. The crew locker is the list of potential crew who may be added to your Crew List for any event. Only sailors who moved from your Crew Locker onto your Crew List are considered members of your crew for the race.

Please review steps 4 and 5 on the Entry Guide for support on inviting sailors to your crew locker and then adding them to the crew list. Important note – if you change the PIC or RPIC roles on your crew list, it will revoke any approval of your offshore experience and you will need to resubmit the Offshore Experience Form. The PIC and RPIC on your Offshore Experience form must match the PIC and RPIC roles assigned on your crew list.

Frequently review your entry Tasks and Crew Checklist to identify and resolve any outstanding issues.

Log in to Entry Portal / Racing / My Race Entries. Click on Manage and select Tasks:

A screenshot of a checklist

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