Bulletin #11 – Newport Bermuda Race Entries Close at 195

April 10, 2018

By Media Team


Chairman's update

Spring is moving in, and for all of us preparing for the 2018 Newport Bermuda Race, it’s an exciting time. I’m pleased to share with you the Media Update we distributed last week, highlighting our current applications for entry slightly under 200 boats.

The Notice of Series has also been posted for the Onion Patch Series and the Onion Patch Navigators Series. You have a great opportunity to compete in both the New York Yacht Club 164th Annual Regatta (June 9-10) and the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Anniversary Regatta (June 22) and enter the entire series—either the traditional or Navigators Onion Patch series. This is both an individual-boat and a team competition; join up with some fellow racers and add to the fun of your upcoming racing. (Full entry details here.)

I’m also pleased to announce new recognition for those sailors who have completed the race multiple times before. If you have sailed the race 5 times or more, you are invited to join the newly created Gulf Stream Society. Apply online and you will receive a special pin that will help explain to others why you’re happily sailing away, every other year, for the month of June. We look forward to seeing the Society’s ranks grow and telling stories of salt-encrusted sailors like you in the months to come.

Jonathan Brewin
2018 Newport Bermuda Race Chairman
[email protected]

Media Update: 195 Entries at Deadline

After the April 1 entry deadline, the Media Team sent this assessment of the fleet to interested media. Read on.

On the wind, a class gets underway in the Newport Bermuda Race. ©

Onion Patch Notice of Series Posted

The Onion Patch Series and Onion Patch Navigators Series are unique events for individual yachts and teams sailing in the Newport Bermuda Race, NYYC 164th Annual Regatta, and RBYC Anniversary Regatta. The notice of series has the details.

Gulf Stream Society

More than 50,000 men and women of all ages and 5,000 yachts have sailed in the Newport Bermuda Race, but how many have sailed the race at least five times? The Gulf Stream Society invites all sailors who have completed five or more Newport Bermuda Races to apply for this membership. Special recognition will be due those who have sailed in 10 or 15 or more races. Apply here.

Sunflower—Competitor Spotlight

Experienced cruising sailors raise the bar a notch when they enter the Newport Bermuda Race, and Sunflower’s owner Mark Lenci knows it goes beyond upgrading the sail inventory and taking the dinghy off the davits on the stern of his Beneteau Oceanis 523. Performance is one thing; mindset is another. Mark sailed the race once before as a crew aboard a friend’s boat, but this will be his first race as skipper, with Sunflower entered to sail in the Finisterre Division. Read more.

Bermuda Shipping Containers Load at Newport Yachting Center

A commercial shipping company has been contracted to assist captains and crews wishing to send gear, sails, etc. to Bermuda. Loading of four 20′ containers will take place at Newport Yachting Center on June 13 from 0900-1700, and June 14 from 0800-1600. (Gear is expected to be available at RBYC on June 18.) For more info, including Bermuda Customs Form and instructions.

Race Registration & Bermuda Border Control at Harbour Court

(See Bermuda Border Control page for more about pre-clearing into Bermuda.)

                Registration      Bermuda Border Control

Sun June 10   1200-1600 Not available

Mon June 11  0900-1700  Not available

Tue June 12   0900-1700 0830-1630

Wed June 13 0900-1600       0830-1630

Thu June 14 Not available   0800-1800**

** Thursday hours are different than for previous races; Bermuda Border Control will close at 1800 hours SHARP!


Horseshoe Bay Beach is perhaps Bermuda's most famous pink-sand beach.

No. 2—The Beaches: Take your pick! Lounge, sun, or stroll on long, sandy beaches, or find secluded spots for napping, swimming, and snorkeling. Elbow Beach and Horseshoe Bay Beach (above) fit the former description; Astwood Cove or Somerset Long Bay fit the latter. Go To Bermuda!


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