Race Links to Online Platforms to Match Boats and Crews

June 19, 2019

New for the 2020, Newport Bermuda Race organizers have teamed up with a pair of online platforms to help sailors, skippers, and race boats connect.

In the previous races, the Crew-Finder page has been a popular section of the Bermudarace.com, as crews anxious to do the race have posted their details and skippers short of crew have looked for the right match. For 2020, in an attempt to improve the service, the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee is working with two online platforms, RailMeets.com and Tendrr.co, which have begun to gain a foothold in the race markets in U.S. and Europe, respectively.

View of the RailMeets.com page with Newport Bermuda Race filter in place. Sixteen crew were already looking for berths as of June 19.

Skipper and crews sign up for sites individually and maintain their own profiles and can modify or delete them at any time. Postings made through these sites are governed by their privacy policies. For special links to each site, visit the Crew-Finder.

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