Safety Gear Training Videos Launched by Official Bermuda Race Sponsor

January 26, 2022

By Media Team

Learning to manage personal AIS and inflatable PFDs is the initial focus of Life Raft + Survival Equipment YouTube Series

At hands-on Safety-at-Sea courses prior to the Bermuda Race, Life Raft + Survival Equipment provides flares, life rafts, and other equipment for training sailors. Mark Lenci photo

Safety has always been a top priority for the Newport Bermuda Race and its long-time partner and new official sponsor, Life Raft + Survival Equipment. LRSE has provided service and training support to competitors since the 1980s and more recently has been doing so in the form of equipment servicing, retail, and safety training by Brian Flowers through pre-race Safety at Sea Courses .

For 2022, LRSE has stepped up its commitment by creating video content to train more crews in the proper use of safety equipment, response to an emergency situation, and general information about dates and deadlines that competitors must know in order to meet the safety requirements of the Newport Bermuda Race.

AIS is now a requirement, as detailed in the Newport Bermuda Notice of Race. Flowers, VP of Operations at LRSE, says of AIS, “This is one of the most exciting products—I have waited a long time for a person-overboard, transmitting device that tells the vessel where the person overboard is located. With the growing popularity of AIS receivers, a device now exists thatwill talk to the vessel from a person in the water as long as the vessel has an AIS receiver. This technology is life changing.”

Located in Tiverton, R.I., just a short drive from Newport, LRSE has answered the call to be the go-to local retailer of life rafts, PFDs, AISs, EPIRBs, and all other maritime safety equipment. Along with selling the equipment, LRSE also inspects and delivers. For this race season LRSE has asked that competitors make accommodations for their necessary equipment by tax day, April 15th, so there’s enough time to deal with extenuating circumstances and ensure required equipment is received by race day.

Due to the current supply chain issues felt by industries across the globe, it is important that all competitors pay close attention to this vital information. Failure to meet these deadlines could prevent competitors from obtaining the necessary equipment to meet the minimum requirements.

We asked Jim O’Connor, President of Life Raft and Survival Equipment, why they’ve stepped up their support of the event. He said, “Our name says it all in what we do and who we are. Having that name as an Official Sponsor of the race is a constant reminder that we’re serious about safety and that safety is first in this race.”

In acknowledging LRSE for their sponsorship, Mark Lenci, Vice Chairman of the 2022 Newport Bermuda Race said, “LRSE is the safety and equipment vendor in New England. They’re long-time collaborators with us in the Cruising Club of America’s Safety at Sea program. Not only do they have a display of the all the latest SaS equipment at all of our courses, they service our life rafts, provide all our flares (at no charge), provide their life jacket service expert for an hour long session at each course (at no charge), and have developed a live demo of the AIS/DSC MOB beacons with a chart plotter, VHF radio, life jacket, and AIS/MOB device. They inflate the lifejacket and show how the whole system actually works. It’s super helpful.”

For more information or help meeting the race’s requirements, call 401-816-5400 or visit LRSE AIS and other safety training videos can be found on the Bermuda Race playlist and on LSRE’s Youtube channel.

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