Official Supporter

Blaze-In Sportswear

Blaze-In Sportswear is proud to be an Official Race Supporter of the 2022 Newport Bermuda Race. We are looking forward to being involved with this classic prestigious race and giving everyone an opportunity to order an official custom NBR blazer with the highest level of customer service. We have been outfitting the best teams, institutions, colleges, clubs, societies, MLB, PGA and more with our custom high-quality blazers.

Our classic navy blazers are made of the highest quality fabrics, with hand stitched detailing, built in pocket square, custom embossed gold buttons and outstanding workmanship. Blaze-In recognized the need for people to express themselves both individually and by the proud affiliations that defines them. From the outside, they simply look like a high-end blazer until…. the reveal. The brilliant interiors of our blazers reflect the unique personality of who you are and where you come from in a classic but subtle way. We take the classic navy blazer and make it your own!



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