Updates from the Fleet: Sunday PM

June 23, 2024

By Race Communications

Photo: Helena Darvelid

Today, the fleet has been a little quieter with the media team. We know the sea state has been pretty rough, leaving less time for updates. The first boats will start to finish over the next 24 hours. Stay tuned to the Live Results page for the latest in standings.

The Palm Beach Motor Yacht 70 was the first to arrive in Bermuda in just under 36 hours as the sun rose here in Bermuda! CEO Mark Richards stated, as they tied up, that the trip was fantastic and smooth. “We’re excited to be in Bermuda and welcome the fleet. We appreciate our gracious hosts here at The Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and invite anyone to join us on board the for a Dark ‘N’ Stormy throughout the week.” 

Fun Fact to put race records into perspective even they couldn't beat the 100-foot Comanche's 2016 record of 34 hours 42 minutes and 53 seconds.

Fearless  - “We have had a bouncy night. We’ve been coming down the Gulf Stream. There’s a meander that’s been heading north to south. We’ve been in it for a long time, and it’s been giving us a push of 4 to 5 knots. But the wind has been against the current, which has made for very, very steep seas. And it’s been, difficult to move around the boat.

But we decided to take the plunge and go for it and it’s been really beneficial. We have been flying sometimes up to 15 knots when our boat speed was at times only up to ten. So it’s been a good push. We’re now coming out the other end. Things are calming down. It’s time to get cleaned up and rested.”

Allegra - About 60 miles from the finish line, Pyewacket crossed in front by 18 miles. They are sailing upwind towards the finish and expected in around 4am but as skipper Paul Larsen says “might be a weird time for a Golsings but looking forward to one none the less.”

Meridian -   We are in a fresh breeze of about 20 knots and the sea state is choppy.   We're more than half way.  Our timing will depend on our ability to get back to the rhumbline in the next 36 hours. We just had beef stew for dinner which was delicious.  I love the food we all bring on board.  Somehow it tastes great after spending a full day in the sun sailing. 

Digger - We are trucking along at 8-plus knots.  Wind has been SW to SSW anywhere from 12-22 knots.  We spent the majority of the night last night in the Gulf Steam, sometimes seeing 4.5 knots of current behind us.  Seas wer confused, and we had our share of seasickness.  The good news is that everyone seems to be recovering nicely today.  We are currently close hauled with a single reefed main and No. 1 genoa.   Seas have subsided and are more regular, which makes for a better ride.

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