Looking Back: Great Rides in 2012

The J-44s Runaway and Stampede leap away from the Newport starting line. (Barry Pickthall, PPL)

John Rousmaniere reports on a new course record and other excitements of the breezy 2012 race, the fastest in the Newport Bermuda Race’s 110-year history.  “An out of body experience.” That’s how offshore veteran Larry Glenn described the 2012 Newport Bermuda Race. His family boat Runaway, in the seven-entry J-44 Class in the St. David’s […]

Looking Back: Navigating the wildest thrash

the 55-footer Dyna in the 1972 race. (John Rousmaniere photos)

Clip on your safety harness and check out this on-deck account (by Andy Macdonald) of a West Coast crew in the roughest-ever Newport Bermuda Race, in 1972. A response to our post Looking Back: A navigator’s race, Andy’s story first ran in Scuttlebutt.    Kudos to John Rousmaniere for highlighting the navigators’ previously problematic non-electronic search […]

Looking Back: The academy fleet

Flying the Naval Academy's distinctive colors, Swift starts the light-air 2014 race. (Talbot Wilson)

A highlight of the Newport Bermuda Race has long been the very enthusiastic, and sometimes very successful, participation of  young crews from service academies. When it was first suggested that the US Naval Academy enter a boat in the Bermuda Race, a captain who was a fierce teetotaler worried that the midshipmen might be corrupted. […]