H. Irving Pratt 3-Boat Team Entry Form
3-Boat Team Trophy
3-Boat Team Trophy


The Pratt Trophy was given by friends in memory of H. Irving Pratt who took a serious and sustained interest in the problem of handicapping offshore yachts for racing. He had been Chairman of the CCA Technical Committee, Commodore of the New York Yacht Club and sponsor of the Pratt Ocean Racing Project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Entry is open to any number of self-selected three-yacht teams sailing the Newport Bermuda Race in the St. David’s Lighthouse, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Double-Handed and Finisterre Divisions. Teams may be composed of any 3-boat combination of vessels from these divisions. (Vessels in any one team may be from the same division or a mix of these divisions.) The winning team is that with the best combined performance under the Race’s Cross-Divisional (“X-DV”) system. No yacht may be a member of more than one team.  DO CONFIRM with your teammate skippers that this is indeed the case prior to entry submission.  On occasion entries have been made with the best of intentions including a vessel already submitted as member of another team.  This and result in disqualification for this prize of both teams if a single yacht is double-entered.  


Individual trophies will be awarded to each member of the winning team. These “Keeper” awards are unique: Mounted and engraved plaques showing the name of the respective individual winner, the hull lines of that yacht and an appropriate description. Plaques are made using each winning vessel’s own line drawings on file at US Sailing.


Entry is by written notice delivered on this document electronically no later than 0900, Friday, June 21, 2024. Entry must include the name of the team, names of the three participating yachts and name of the skipper submitting for his team.


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Team NameYacht #1 Name & Sail NumberYacht #2 Name & Sail NumberYacht #3 Name & Sail Number
Team DukeInception USA 4922Dire Wolf USA 12204Kent Racing USA 34
The Onion Patch BatchPyewacket 70 USA 70007Hound USA 2650Zig Zag USA 12912
YesArtemisia usa43738Alliance usa52770Talisman usa14879
Team DukeUSA 4922USA 12204USA 34
Team Essex Yacht ClubNavicular, 50059Blue Skies , 44022Rhumb Runner , 61489
CPYC Bermuda TeamAvanti, 52906Havoc, 52735Touch of Grey, 68750
Annapolis J BoatsAllegiant, USA93556Skadi, USA75Cimmaron, USA50525
IslandersScylla USA60698Southern Cross USA61705Lyric PUR4902
CCA Chesapeake StationSonrisa USA 1416Nanuq USA 93755Reindeer USA 666
3 SheetsMOONSTONE USA62SELKIE USA40808Masquerade USA52070
Team NEKA OneKATSU, USA 61804Desperado, USA 51601Groupe 5, USA 26
Storm Trysail Club, Team WhiteCougar, USA4900Blitzen, USA46Young American, US146
Team Off SoundingsTowhee, USA1781Desna, USA60648Maree, USA405
Team VMGTRUE, 3Final Final, USA 2388Vamoose, USA 52443
Storm Trysail Team RedSummer Storm 52, USA520Carina, USA315In Theory, USA61183
Larchmont YCPhantom USA60711Christopher Dragon USA2277Frolic USA42324
Jersey DevilsSurface Tension, USA52566Dancing Bear, USA40122ASSARAIN IV, USA58133
Team Indian HarborEagle USA61121Lapin USA2001Alibi USA43968
Team HSKAArcadia 61520Cybele 52045Capella 51109
TEAM GIBSON ISLANDArgyll 13894Salty USA3804Jane Says USA12
Team NameYacht #1 Name & Sail NumberYacht #2 Name & Sail NumberYacht #3 Name & Sail Number

Special Prize Application: H. Irving Pratt 3-Boat Team

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