Special Entry Prizes

There are three “Special Entry” competitions for boats racing to Bermuda in 2014. These require completion of a separate entry form in addition to general Race entry. They are: William L. Glenn Family Participation Prize, Irving Pratt 3-boat Team Prize and the new Regional Prizes (5) for competing boats from distant home venues. (See the complete Bermuda Race Trophy List.pdf)

Cross Divisional

This year, for the first time, these prizes (as well as some other Race prizes) will be open to cross-divisional (“X-DV”) competition, allowing a larger segment of the fleet to participate for these prizes than had previously been the case. AND . . . to compete head-to-head. Boats from any division but Open may compete for the Pratt and Regional prizes and compete against vessels from other divisions. (The Pratt 3-boat teams may be an intermingled combination composed of vessels from any divisions but Open). The Glenn Family Participation Prize is open to boats from Cruiser, St. David’s and Gibbs Hill divisions.


For these and certain other prizes marked “X-DV” (See Prize List) will be based on cross-divisional comparison of decimal percentage standing of corrected time ranking within a vessel’s own division. Thus, prize winners will be determined by cross-divisional comparison of a vessel’s relative performance within its respective division. The vessel with a higher relative final standing within its own division will then place higher cross-divisionally.

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