For Spectators

How to follow the Newport Bermuda Race

Before the race starts on Friday, June 19, 2020, you can keep up to date on race news by signing up for the Newport Bermuda Race Newsletter (bottom of this page) and following one of the race’s social media accounts.

During the week before the start, visit Newport and visit Bowen’s Wharf to learn more about the race and meet sailors and sponsors. You can also check out the fleet as it assembles on the docks at the Newport Shipyard and other major marinas and in Newport and nearby anchorages. The captains’ meeting will be live-streamed through Facebook.

To watch the start, read the spectator guide at the bottom of this page. Race commentators are expected to be live-streaming through the Race’s Facebook page.

During the race, watch the adjacent Pantaenius Insurance Race Tracker as well as the News and Gallery sections. Via News and Facebook, you will be able to watch the Prize-Giving in Bermuda, as well.

Watch this space.

Here you will find the tracker when the boats are racing so you can keep up with all the action from the water.


Watching from the shore

Because the race start is so close to land, many spectators gather at shoreside public areas, especially Brenton Point and Fort Adams in Newport, and Beavertail and Fort Wetherhill in Jamestown.

Nearest to the start is the famous Castle Hill Inn with its sloping waterfront lawn. (Note, the Inn charges for parking and asks that you not bring food or drink.)

If you are equipped with a VHF radio, you can listen in on VHF 72 Race communications (receive only).

Watching from the water

We welcome boats to join our fleet on the water but we ask spectators to be respectful of the competitors and race officials.

There are charter boats available in Newport or you may take your own boat but you must stay in designated areas.

Starts are scheduled to begin at 1:00 p.m and continue every ten minutes thereafter until approximately 3:30 p.m. The starting line is between a yellow buoy near Castle Hill and the staff displaying an orange flag on the committee vessel near mid-channel.

Please keep clear of the area outlined by orange inflatable buoys, and the Press Alley outlined by green inflatable buoys (see reverse).

Be kind – No wake.

Please display the bright pink streamer from an antenna or rigging to indicate that you have received this information sheet and are willing to cooperate. Please follow the instructions of the boats flying yellow race committee flags. Listen on VHF Ch. 72 for race information. Please do not transmit on VHF Channels 72 or 06.

Watching from home

There will be a LIVE BROADCAST of the coverage published right here. So stay tuned.


Going to Bermuda? Here is a list of documents for entry and facilities in Bermuda, be sure to read through all the information to be better prepared.