Interviews at the Dock: Grundoon, Dreamcatcher, & Nav Forum

Nic Douglass, Adventures of a Sailor Girl, spoke with sailors and skippers on Grundoon, Dreamcatcher, Breezin’ Up, and Temptress.

After the fleet’s mass finish on Wednesday and docking at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, the party (for some) lasted into the wee hours of the morning. Thursday dawned bright, sunny, and grew steadily hotter, despite a nice breeze. Nic Douglass walked the docks and interviewed provisional winners aboard Grundoon (Class 4 and overall St. David’s Lighthouse Division) and Dreamcatcher (Class 5). She also spoke with Cruising Club of America leaders Brad Willauer, whose Breezing Up finished 8th in Class 12 (Finisterre Division) and Bermuda Racing Organizing Committee Vice Chair, Jay Gowell, skipper of Temptress (2nd in Class 6).

Jim Grundy and his daughter Gwendalyn talk about the family history of their Columbia 50, Grundoon, which they sailed to a provisional win in the St. David’s Lighthouse Division victory. Adventures of a Sailor Girl photo

Grundoon, the provisional winner of St. David’s Lighthouse Division overall, is a family affair. Jim Grundy and his daughter Gwendalyn spoke about their family crew and the fact that Jim’s father bought the boat new in the 1960s. They did the Newport Bermuda Race together in the ’70s and refurbished it in time after a sinking (at the dock!) for Jim’s father to sail her one last time. “This win,” Jim said, “was for our family.”

Dreamcatcher, a Swan 48, is the provisional winner of Class 5, much to the surprise of the crew given that most were teenagers sailing the race for the first time. They credited their adult advisors, sponsors and parents, and were most appreciative of all they learned in the offshore environment.

Breezing Up: Cruising Club of America Commodore Brad Willauer spoke with pride about his crew, which includes eight family members out of the nine total sailors. Brad has sailed the race many times, but didn’t sail this year due to his duties as commodore. He’s looking forward to his next race in 2020 already.

Temptress: Also a CCA member, Jay Gowell said he was happy to sail the race with his son, Matt, and also happy to sail well in the race, finishing Class 6 in second place. Jay is the vice chair of the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee and will step up to become the chair for the 2020 race.  He still intends to sail the race and feels it’s important that it continues to be a race run by sailors for sailors.

The Navigator’s Forum got underway on Thursday afternoon and was featured on our Facebook Live feed.

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  1. Mitch June 22, 2018 at 08:31 #

    Is Grundoon a wooden hull yacht ?

    • Media Team June 22, 2018 at 08:58 #

      It’s fiberglass!

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