Race Bulletin No. 6:

Dear Sailors,

Entry for the race will open at Noon EST tomorrow, January 12, 2016.  The Entry System may be accessed via several links on the race website, including one at the upper right corner of every page.  You can also bookmark it now.

Remember: time is of the essence, as entries will be limited to 200 yachts and late fees will apply after deadlines have passed.  A dedicated email address has been created for your entry process questions and issues: entry@bermudarace.com.

As you prepare to enter this race to Bermuda, it’s not too soon to think about sailingfrom Bermuda too.  The race is often the easier half of a round trip.

CCA Safety-at-Sea Committee Chair, Ernie Godshalk has written a letter to all competitors concerning safety on the return voyage.  The letter is posted on theOfficial Notice Board under the “Bermuda and Post Race Forms” heading.  The CCA also invites any sailor, including post-race delivery crew, to register for the March 19-20 Safety-at-Sea Seminar using this link.

We hope to see you at the seminar on March 19th, and look forward to receiving your Application for Entry beginning tomorrow.
Kind regards,
A. J. Evans
Bermuda Race Organizing Committee

What to Expect

Please note that we will begin reviewing Applications for Entry for completeness tomorrow but we will not be responding to applications before February 1, 2016. Please be patient while we review each application.

You may email your entry-related questions to entry@bermudarace.com at any time.  We also welcome your feedback, as we fine tune the entry system to meet your expectations and the race’s standards.

Preparing to Enter

Here’s a list of information you may find helpful to have on hand:
  1. the yacht’s 2016 or earlier ORR Certificate number (you may also email us at entry@bermudarace.com if you cannot locate your certificate number);
  2. the Captain’s name (the Person in Charge or skipper);
  3. the Navigator’s name and email address;
  4. the approximate number of Newport Bermuda Races completed by the yacht, Captain, Navigator, and Watch Captains, respectively;
  5. whether the Captain was a Captain in the 2012 or 2014 Newport Bermuda Race;
  6. whether the Navigator was a Navigator in the 2012 or 2014 Newport Bermuda Race;
  7. a summary of the Captain’s and Navigator’s offshore racing/sailing experience (only required if either the Captain or Navigator did not serve in those capacities in either the 2012 or 2014 Newport Bermuda Race);
  8. the division in which you plan to enter (this is a tentative indication and not a final commitment); and
  9. a list of the Captain’s yacht club memberships (this information will be used to help sailors put together teams for certain trophies.

SHIP Your Yacht Back to Newport After the Race

A limited amount of space is available for shipping your yacht from Bermuda back to Newport aboard a lift-on/lift-off ship.  A minimum number of bookings are required to schedule the ship’s call at Bermuda.

For more information, contact Ann Souder at ann@yacht-transport.com as soon as possible.

Berthing Reservations

Berthing Reservations can now be made at RBYC using this form.

Previous newsletters

An archive of all Race Bulletins for the 2016 race
may be found on the race website’s Official Notice Board.


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