Race Bulletin No. 8

Dear Sailors,

With over 200 Applications for Entry and more than 180 invitations to enter issued to date, the 50th Bermuda Race promises to showcase its most exciting fleet ever.  It’s no surprise there’s already a lot of buzz.
And the Bermuda Race buzz will get louder and brighter thanks again to our media team of professional writers, photographers, and media partners covering this classic event:
  • John Rousmaniere – Media Chair, multi-race veteran, historian, and yachting author;
  • Talbot Wilson – 25-year Newport Bermuda publicist, photographer, and writer;
  • Barry Pickthall – photographer, photo archivist, and writer;
  • Andy Green – America’s Cup commentator and 1999 King Edward VII Gold Cup winner;
  • Chris Museler – on-board reporter;
  • Daniel Forster – Newport aerial photographer;
  • the technical and video team of Newport Live Media; and
  • YOU!
As the start nears, all yachts are invited to designate an on-board media contact so our team can share your race-prep stories, blog posts and social media content with the race’s global audience.  Send your media contact information, blogs, and social media handles to us using this form.  (We are interested to receive, and may share, content that contains language and opinions that are within the bounds of good taste and sportsmanship.)
BermudaRace.com and Newport Bermuda Race social media will host Andy Green’sdaily videos plus reports from the boats and our team.  Andy’s videos will feature:
  • the latest breaking race news;
  • current standings in each class;
  • weather briefings with expert navigators;
  • tactical analyses; and
  • interviews via satellite with competitors on the course, from pro to family and amateurs.
Of course, those who refresh their web-browsers rapidly ashore will get their kicks from the position reports and tracks provided by YB Tracking (formerly Yellow Brick).  New for this race, position reports will gradually increase from a pre-set delay to nearly real time once they are within 50 miles of St. David’s Lighthouse, the race’s iconic finishing line.
We hope this complete multi-media coverage will help reach not only your friends and family ashore (at work), but also a broader audience in need of encouragement to sail offshore too.
A. J. Evans
Bermuda Race Organizing Committee

Race Gear from Helly Hansen Newport

Helly Hansen Newport is the Official Gear Supplier of the Newport Bermuda Race.  Order your gear online now, or visit the store on Thames Street in Newport, at the Safety at Sea Seminar, or at Registration.

Upcoming Deadlines

1700, April 1 – Deadline to complete Application for Entry.
1700, May 3 – Deadline to request ORR or ISYR measurement (see NoR).

Sailor Classification

All competitors are required to have a valid Sailor Classification.  You should obtain or renew your Sailor Classification now using this link.
Additional sanctioned seminars are listed here.

U.S. Customs

There’s no wall along the Eastern seaboard, but there are stiff penalties for failure to comply with U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations upon return from a foreign port, including Bermuda.
Information about the Small Vessel Reporting System is posted here.

Shipping Gear to Bermuda

A commercial shipping company has been contracted to assist captains and crews wishing to send gear, sails, etc. to Bermuda. Visit the Newport Logistics page on the race website for more information, including the necessary forms.
The deadline to reserve space is May 31, 2016.

Shipping Your Yacht Back to Newport After the Race

A limited amount of space is available for shipping your yacht from Bermuda back to Newport aboard a lift-on/lift-off ship.  A minimum number of bookings are required to schedule the ship’s call at Bermuda.
For more information, contact Ann Souder at ann@yacht-transport.com as soon as possible.

Berthing Reservation forms

Download yours for RBYC or RHADC.
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