Yellowbrick Trackers: Required for Race, Not Available for Return (but alternatives listed here)

Article excerpted from the November Newsletter.

Yellowbrick trackers will be provided to the fleet for race tracking once again in 2014. Pantaenius American Yacht Insurance will serve as a primary sponsor of the trackers. However, in a change from 2012, the Yellowbrick trackers will be required to be returned in Bermuda and will not be available for subsequent passages from Bermuda to yachts’ home ports or other destinations. Captains are advised that AIS-B transponders, satellite telephones, personal beacons and other devices may be used to track yachts for subsequent passages on the high seas. Read our resource guide to Tracking and Communications on the Return Delivery.
To learn more about alternatives to Yellowbrick for your return delivery, read our Tracking and Communications on the Return Delivery guide.

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