AIS Crew Overboard Beacons


An important change to the NBRSR requires that "each life jacket intended for regular use while racing (one per crewmember) shall be equipped with a AIS personal crew overboard beacon." To ease the cost of this requirement, the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee has had discussions with several suppliers of this equipment regarding meaningful discounts for our NBR participants. This communication provides the details on this program.

Any crew member of a boat that has been registered for the race may take advantage of this program. Registration for the race starts on January 12, 2018. After the boat is registered, crewmembers may use any of the offers described below by simply providing the name of the registered boat on which they are a crewmember.

Vendors and a manufacturer have offered discounts on the personal AIS MOB beacons. An overview of the offers is provided below. Please use the link below or contact the vendor directly for more details.

  1. McMurdo and Landfall Navigation have coordinated to offer the McMurdo Smartfind S20 SRS AIS Man Overboard Device at a significant discount to NBR crewmembers. This offer can be found at: - use coupon code BERMUDA2018 for special pricing.
  2. Landfall Navigation also offers discounts on all race required equipment and foul weather gear for NBR participants. Additionally, if the owner/skipper provides Landfall a crew list, Landfall will give the NBR crewmembers the special Bermuda 2018 pricing on their own individual orders. Contact Landfall Navigation sales directly (800-941-2219) for this offer.
  3. Defender Industries: Defender is offering a discount on McMurdo and ACR AIS MOB beacons as well as some other items. The offer can be found at:
  4. Life Raft and Survival Equipment (LRSE): is offering a special on the Ocean Signal MOB1 AIS w/DCS in addition to a complete Bermuda 2018 life jacket package. This offer can be found at Additionally all of your racing safety needs can be found on our website or call us directly at 800-451-2127. Does your equipment need to be serviced? We service all brands of life rafts, EPIRBs, life jackets. If you experience any difficulties with the web site, please call them directly.


Any questions on the program may be directed to Mark Lenci.



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