Competitor Bulletin #15 – NOR Amendment 2, COVID-19 Test Reminders

May 5, 2022

By Media Team

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Dear Race Captains and Sailors,

This week’s bulletin includes important notices, none more so than the first.

Pre-Race COVID-19 Testing

We are concerned that only 10% of competitors have registered for COVID testing. 

1. Every competitor must report a negative COVID test to their skipper by Wednesday, June 15, in order for your boat to register for the race.

2. If you plan to use one of the two on-site or remote testing services arranged by the race committee, YOU MUST REGISTER BY MAY 20 for the testing.

3. If you plan to find your own testing service, PLEASE CALL THEM NOW to verify you can be tested Wednesday morning, June 15 and get immediate results. DO NOT RELY ON WEBSITE INFORMATION. We have found both CVS and Walgreen websites are out of date. You can schedule a testing appointment online and then be notified that the testing is not actually available anymore. CALL THE TESTING organization NOW and confirm they actually can test you.

We want to emphasize that the COVID test is a requirement of the Government of Bermuda. If you miss the testing window, you and possibly your boat are not going to Bermuda.

COVID-19 Protocols—Background

A negative COVID test is required to obtain a Mariner’s Travel Authorization (for those arriving by boat) or a Travel Authorization (for those traveling by air). As an aid to competitors, the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) has worked with two vendors, TestZone Services and Fit to Fly BDA, to tailor their testing capabilities for the race.

To ensure there will be sufficient testing capability available to test all competitors, return crew, and guests in a short period of time before the race, both services require those wishing to use these services to register for a testing time slot with the service they choose.

You are not required to use these services. They have been arranged by BROC with the vendors for your convenience and to ensure that there is sufficient testing capacity available to meet the needs of all competitors.

For more, visit the Bermuda Race COVID-19 Protocols Resource.

Notice of Race, Amendment #2

The first amended Notice of Race, dated March 17, 2022, is amended as noted in red underlined (added) or stricken (deleted) text in the posted Track Changes version of the document, dated May 3, 2022. (See Official Notice Board for a clean version of the amended NOR.)

In summary, the substantive amendments:

(1) extend the closing time of registration from 1600 to 1900 on June 15, 2022;

(2) adopt US Sailing’s amendment to the prescription to RRS 76.1;

(3) provide the OA with the discretion to permit boats to change their Crew List after the Crew Deadline in the event of exceptional circumstances, e.g., a positive COVID-19 test result; and

(4) require all competitors to enter immigration information on SailGate.

Shipping Container for Gear/Sails: Submit form by May 13

Masterpiece International has been contracted to assist captains and crews wishing to send gear, sails, etc. to Bermuda. Loading of containers will take place at Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard and Safe Harbor (NEB) daily from Tues., May 31 – Sun., June 12. (This is earlier than prior years due to the increased time for shipping logistics.) Please download/complete form and email it to: [email protected] ASAP—no later than May 13, 2022. Questions? Please contact Bill Carroll of Masterpiece International directly with any questions or concerns: +1-908-809-3787 [email protected]. To read more about the race container, see Newport Logistics.

Reserve Bermuda Dockage

The docks at Royal Bermuda Yacht Club are fully booked as of early May. Please contact Reggie Horseman, RBYC Marina Manager to join the waiting list: [email protected]. For other options, contact the dockmasters at the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club (+1-441-295-3000), or the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club (+1-441-236-2250).

Warm regards,

Somers Kempe, Chairman

Bermuda Race Organizing Committee

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