Measurements Deadline

Ratings Measurement

a. Boats requiring measurement shall send an e-mail to an approved measurer and to their Certificate Processor (listed below) by April 13, 2024, indicating when the boat will be ready for measurement and requesting an acknowledgement e-mail from the measurer for this purpose. Boats must be measured by May 30, 2024. US Sailing requests that boats seek measurement as early as possible to avoid anticipated delays. Certificate Processors are as follows:

Rule Certificate Processor E-mail Address

ORR U.S. Sailing [email protected]

ISYR, ORR-MH ORA/ISYR Management Team [email protected]

b. Boats shall submit a completed measurement application, renewal, or amendment to their Certificate Processor on or before May 30, 2024 (“Measurements Deadline”). Boats should not submit a copy of their rating certificate to the OA or race committee unless specifically requested to do so. Boats sailing under ORR, see NoR 2.6.

c. Measurer-verified sail measurements may be declared to the Certificate Processor and submitted in advance of building and measuring the sails. Once built, but not later than June 7, 2024, boats shall email a copy of the sail measurement certificates to the Certificate Processor and the boat’s measurer confirming that no sail exceeds the declared measurements.

d. Except as otherwise provided herein, boats shall comply with the sail restrictions set by their rating rule. (See, e.g., ORR 10.02.1.) Sails other than those permitted by the applicable rating rule may be aboard provided they are stowed separately and marked clearly: “Not for Racing.”

e. Boats with design features not permitted by ORR may apply to the OA for the use of an experimental certificate. If the OA determines that the boat’s design features can be rated fairly, the OA may petition the Offshore Racing Association to consider approval of an experimental rating certificate and recommend the approval of same to US Sailing. Such certificates will be issued for entry in the Open Division of this race only.



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