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Light airs test helmsman and crew of the J/121 Apollo in the 2018 Newport Bermuda Race.

February 27, 2019

Updates from Jay Gowell, race chairman, include Bermuda Race Nights, a new Competitor Guide, and the latest on Safety at Sea courses: Coming soon to your yacht club or one nearby is “Bermuda Race Night.”  The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee is working with several yachts clubs, ranging from Nova Scotia throughout New England, to the Chesapeake […]

Calusa starts 2012 Newport Bermuda Race

February 26, 2019

Skipper Peter Holmes explains how the race is so much more than the five days spent at sea between Newport and Bermuda. Much has been written about the 112-year-old, biennial Bermuda Race, more familiarly known as the Thrash to the Onion Patch. Having recently completed my fourth race to Bermuda in seven years, I was […]

Cruising Club of America safety at sea seminar liferaft boarding

February 18, 2019

Crew safety training is vital to preparing for an offshore race, and for the captain, it starts with building a safety ethos.

January 2, 2019

(Compiled by race historian John Rousmaniere in 2016; updated, Jan. 2019.) The 635-mile biennial Newport Bermuda Race is the oldest regularly scheduled ocean race, one of very few international distance races, and (with the Transpac Race) one of just two of the world’s regularly scheduled races held almost entirely out of sight of land.  Founded […]

Gulf Stream squall ahead during Newport Bermuda Race by John Rousmaniere

November 28, 2018

This year’s Thrash to the Onion Patch is over, but there are stories to tell. We feature a sampling in this edition of Newport Bermuda Race News for race fans, friends and prospective competitors. We also explain how the Race won Gold in 2018, offer news of safety updates for 2020, and throw down an Instagram challenge to show what you’ve been shooting […]

Rob and Jonathan Nye receive Richard S. Nye Bermuda Roll of Honour citation

November 15, 2018

One of the Newport Bermuda Race’s best-known skippers, Richard S. Nye, joined the Bermuda Race Roll of Honour last June. His family received the award on his behalf recently at their home club, Indian Harbour Yacht Club, from selection committee member John Rousmaniere. At the time he bought his first boat in 1945, Richard S. […]

John Levinson Ted von Rozenvinge

November 14, 2018

Meet a 10-time competitor in the first of an occasional series on sailors who have joined the Newport Bermuda Race’s society for those completing the race at least five times. By Channing Reis If you ask any Newport Bermuda Race veteran, there is a good chance they will recall their first race like it happened […]

Clean Regatta Logo - Gold Certification 2018

November 5, 2018

Sailors for the Sea awarded a higher level certification to the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee for its increased sustainability efforts during the 2018 Race. Newport, RI and Hamilton, Bermuda – November 5, 2018 – The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee is proud to announce the race has earned gold-level certification from Sailors for the Sea’s Clean Regattas program, a race […]

Safety at Sea life-raft training

October 25, 2018

This bulletin and its introductory letter from the race chairman provide a clear explanation of the safety training plan established for the 2020 Newport Bermuda Race, both strengthening and simplifying requirements while adding some flexibility and several more training opportunities for sailors.  Dear prospective 2020 competitors: The Cruising Club of America is making a determined […]

Bob and Kathyrn Lally finish Newport Bermuda Race 2018

October 9, 2018

The 51st Newport to Bermuda Race provided a true test of seamanship to several modern-day Coast Guard Academy adventurers. By Bob Lally ’08, Rear Adm. W. F. Merlin ’56, Lt. Cmdr. J.J. Shock ’06, and Capt. Chris Sinnett ’83 (Reprinted with permission from The Bulletin, publication of the Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association.) The Newport Bermuda […]

Photos and Videos

Starting line boat at Newport Bermuda Race

Visit our Media Room for the latest in Photos and Videos for the Bermuda Race.

Say hello to Bailiwick, Roger Echols' Blue Jacket 40! See you on the starting line on June 19th.⠀

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Emmet Todd continues our “Youth Offshore” series sharing why he took on the 2018 race double handed with his dad.
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Welcome, Challenge Accepted! This will be Michael Cummings first race and his team will be completing the race in honor of his friend, RT, who passed away early in his life to lung cancer - having never smoked. Their Jeanneau 53 spinnaker is emblazoned with the Ironman logo (of which Michael also completed in honor of RT) with the white ribbon for lung cancer intertwined. ⠀

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As of today, we have 190 boats registered for the 2020 race! See the full entry list at https://buff.ly/32Y3I1L⠀

A few boats we want to recognize for registered but haven't acquired photos for:⠀

St. David's Lighthouse Division: ⠀
⛵️ Palantir 5 - June Kendrick's J 44 2.45⠀
⛵️ Safir - Andrew Kallfelz's Arcona 460⠀
⛵️ MacIntosh - Durk Steigenga's None⠀
⛵️ Aurora - Richard Moody's R/P 66⠀
⛵️ Ragana - Darius Peleda's Cape Fear 38⠀
⛵️ Slide Rule - Scott Bearse's First 44.7⠀

⛵️ Sea Gate - Michael Dimella's Hanse 400⠀

Finisterre Division:⠀
⛵️ Sirona - Geoffrey Pierini's Tripp 65⠀
⛵️ Concert - Levin Campbell's Morris 40 Wk⠀
⛵️ Blue - Daniel Epstein's C&C 51⠀
⛵️ Cynosure - Logan Greenlee's Pearson Rhodes 41'⠀

Open Division:⠀
⛵️ 2 If By Sea - John Messersmith's Beneteau 473⠀

Photo: Daniel Forster / 2018 Bermuda Race⠀

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We would like to offer a warm welcome back to Christopher Sheehan and his Warrior Won crew. Sheehan has been successfully campaigning his XP 44 for many years but has recently become the proud owner of a Pac52 from the West Coast and will be bringing her East this Spring. Good luck, @WarriorWon_XP44! ⠀

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Taking on the 635-mile adventure is also Selkie, Chip Bradish's Morris 32.5. See who else is joining him: https://buff.ly/2MjNPwk⠀

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Another X-Yacht joins the Bermuda Race! Welcome to Peter Grueterich's Xp 44 2.65 Sport, XPatriate. ⠀

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We resume welcoming boats to the 2020 fleet with Joe Brito's Incognito! This is the second time Brito's J/121 crew returns to the Bermuda Race. Just last week, the team won the ORC B fleet in the Key West Race so we are sure they will be big contenders come this June!⠀

See who else is entered at https://buff.ly/32Y3I1L⠀

📸: @JBoats_Media⠀

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Introducing a new series called “Youth Offshore.” We kick it off with Carina Becker reflecting on her time with @young.american.sailing in the 2018 race onboard Gambler
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