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Sailonline.org race to Bermuda

May 26, 2020

We would help keep the spirit of the 2020 race alive with SailOnline.org to create an online race for all sailors to participate.

March 23, 2020

The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee (BROC) has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Newport Bermuda Race due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our position has always been that we can only conduct the race if conditions for competitors and local populations made it safe to do so.

March 18, 2020

Bermuda Race organizers continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation closely and will make a call no later than May 1st. We are also welcoming input and questions.

Jay Gowell Newport Bermuda Race Chairman 2020

March 13, 2020

Bermuda Race 2020 is still on, but the COVID-19 situation is being monitored.

CCA Safety at Sea Course handheld flare

March 12, 2020

Safety training requirements have been modified due to the cancellation of several courses with the necessary hands-on training. Modifications are for 2020 only.

Jay Gowell Newport Bermuda Race Chairman 2020

February 18, 2020

The race fleet keeps getting bigger, reports Race Chairman Jay Gowell. Entries remain open through April 5th, but fees increase after Feb. 20.

Sunflower crew learns about firefighting

February 6, 2020

Competitors note! Small but important changes have been made to the NBR Safety Regulations.

February 3, 2020

Bermuda Race organizers have named Barton & Gray Mariners Club as the Official Sponsor of the pre-race Captain’s Meeting.

January 23, 2020

A wind analysis of the eight previous Junes in which races were held has led to revisions to the wind matrix used to score the next Newport Bermuda Race. By Jim Teeters.

Safe Harbor Marinas logo

January 10, 2020

The Bermuda Race Organizing Committee has named the largest owner and operator of marinas in the world, as an official sponsor for the 2020 Race.

Photos and Videos

Starting line boat at Newport Bermuda Race

Visit our Media Room for the latest in Photos and Videos for the Bermuda Race.

Many of you already know the legend, Warren Brown, and if you don't you should! He has participated in 20 Bermuda Races, sailed over 300,000 miles in 11 different yachts, sailed to the Arctic, and is an all around good guy. He recently participated in our Bermuda Race Prep series, which you can see clips of on our site! ⠀

Join in on our next webinar on March 16th, to see which other sailing legends log in! ⠀
Sign up today, follow the link in our bio! ⠀

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115 years ago the first Bermuda Race took place, most people thought it was insane for amateur sailors to a 635 mi race in boats under 80ft! Now people are still attempting to to break Hugo Vihlen's record of crossing the Atlantic in a 5ft vessel in '93. How insane do you think that is?⠀

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Thinking about joining the Bermuda Race for the first time, but have lots of questions and could use some guidance? Don't worry, the organizing committee has established the Ambassador Program. First time racers will be paired up with CCA/RBYC members who have done it all before and want to share their insights on how to prep for the race. ⠀
Find out more by following the link in our bio! ⠀

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"Don’t put off race because you don’t have the right boat," - David Wilson during last week's webinar "Newport - Bermuda: It's on your Bucket List." Wilson took his Catalina 36, PAU HANA, on the 2016 race. The panelists covered other topics ranging from budget, to sailing double-handed, to different apps and programs to consider.⠀

Full recap and recording on our website.⠀

Photo: Wilson and his crew pulling into @royalbermudayc after finishing in 2016. ⠀

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If you enjoyed our webinar last night and want to learn more about the Gulf Stream, you might also enjoy @whoi.ocean's "Currents of Change" March 9th with Dr. Frank Bohlen, Dr. Magdalena Andres, and Dr. Glen Gawarkiewicz.⠀

Regisration Required: https://buff.ly/36TLnaS⠀


Last night, 136 prospective bluewater racers attended the first of this winter’s Bermuda Race-Prep Series: “It’s on Your Bucket List" presented by Bermuda. In case you missed it, check out the recap and recording on our website.⠀

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TONIGHT (Feb 9th at 7pm EST)! Kicks off our webinar series with "Newport Bermuda – It’s on Your Bucket List" Presented by @Bermuda Tourism and Supported by Goslings Rum.⠀

Still time to join AND get the recording via the link in our profile. ⠀

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Our webinar series starts this Tuesday (Feb 9th) with "Newport Bermuda – It’s on Your Bucket List" Presented by @Bermuda Tourism and Supported by Goslings Rum⠀

What does it take to prepare for and race to Bermuda for the first time? Our Bermuda Race ambassadors explain the basics and answer your questions.⠀

Panelists: ⠀
➡️ Hank Halsted – A veteran of 17 races, Halsted often sails in the Doublehanded Division. He is chairman of the race’s Qualifications Committee, advising captains on how to build out an experienced crew.⠀
➡️ Dick Holliday – A five-time competitor in the race, Holliday serves as head of the race’s ambassador program, pairing less experienced entrants with those who can answer questions on all race topics. ⠀
➡️ David Wilson – A Catalina 36 owner, Wilson has a fresh perspective on sailing the race for the first time, as he did in 2016, and in particular preparing a series-built boat to meet the safety standards for the race. ⠀

Sign up via profile for link to join and recording.⠀

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500 days until the start of the 2022 Newport Bermuda Race!⠀

Are you wondering what it takes to get to this starting line (and more importantly safely to the finish line!) of this classic 635-mile ocean race? On February 9th at 7pm EST we are holding a live webinar to answer those burning questions. ⠀

Sign up to join (and have a recording sent to you after) via link in profile. ⠀

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