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Arabella Has Made this Trip Many Times

Arabella is a strong and robust yacht which will help open up the Newport to Bermuda Race to many people who might otherwise not participate. She has already made the trip to and from Bermuda many times, just never in a race. Before COVID, Arabella would winter in the Caribbean. During her trips to and from the Caribbean, Arabella often stopped by Bermuda.

Her most recent passage from New York to Bermuda was in November 2019. She sailed to Bermuda to serve as the Manhattan Yacht Club’s floating clubhouse during the Bacardi Cup. Arabella docked at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and also hosted a cocktail party for members of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club and Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club. It was during this visit that the idea of entering Arabella in the Newport Bermuda Race was first suggested.

Arabella is also a US-flagged vessel and USCG certified to carry passengers on an international route. Arabella is maintained to the standards of a USCG-certified passenger vessel. She also has an ABS load line. Arabella completed her most recent USCG & ABS drydock inspections in November 2023.

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Manhattan Yacht Club encourages all sailors to continually increase their skills, knowledge and experiences. Press forward. Challenge yourself. Learn more. Do something amazing.

To help achieve this growth, our club offers members and guests the unique opportunity to race in the Newport to Bermuda Race on our flagship “Arabella.”

An ocean race is one of the ultimate adventures in sailing. And the oldest and most famous ocean race in the United States is Newport to Bermuda. This race began in 1906 and is 635 miles long. It is organized every two years and the next edition will start on June 21, 2024.

Not only is this a great adventure, but completing the Bermuda Race will lead to substantial personal growth and a rewarding sense of accomplishment.

There are 12 spots available to race on Arabella in 2024. We hope you will get one of them.



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