Medical and Safety

The following reference items are provided by the race’s Fleet Surgeon:
All red text are links to .pdf files. 

Memorandum for Offshore Passages

  • Recommended books
  • Recommended medical equipment
  • Recommended medicines
  • Coast Guard and Emergency contact info
Seasickness Article, &  Summary Points
    • Causes
    • Prevention
    • Responses
    • Safety Implications
  • Preventer use on Offshore Yachts

    • Definition
    • Fatality statistics
    • Explanation of use
    March 2014 Safety at Sea Seminar Thumbdrive Data

    What’s included and how should I use this data? (.pdf)
    • Speaker notes and presentations for the Safety at Sea Seminar, the Race Preparation Seminar, and the Medical Seminar.
    • Reports of tests of rescue techniques and gear; articles from the CCA Safety at Sea Committee’s website; the CCA Fleet Surgeon’s memorandum; and articles on satellite phones, bilge pumps, steering, and other topics
    • Link to The Sailing Foundation’s Lifesling video.