AkzoNobel: Providing Confidence in Race Coatings

May 5, 2022

By Media Team

Periodically, we bring you articles from our race sponsors of interest to many in our community of race fans and competitors. This story comes from official race sponsor AkzoNobel Coatings, makers of Interlux and AwlGrip brand products.

With the race quickly approaching, now is the time be sure to get the best finish and find the best products to fit out your boat for the challenge. Interlux brings you our Custom Paint Guides to offer detailed step-by-step instructions, videos, and expert advice to help you achieve head-turning results. 

We continue to push the boundaries of innovation in yacht coatings with the most advanced antifouling Interlux® paint—Micron® Extra SPC. A unique, true Self-Polishing Copolymer antifouling, Micron Extra SPC provides truly premium protection for your power or sailboat, both underway and at the dock—in all waters, so you know you are equally protected in Newport and in Bermuda. Its innovative, continuous polishing action means that the coating only gets smoother over time, minimizing drag and improving hull efficiency. 

Whether racing or cruising is on your 2022 boating calendar we invite you to join us in preparing your boats for the best experience.

You know that feeling…where the breeze is perfect, the water magnificent, you soar over the waves and everything is just right. It combines a sense of freedom and excitement of being on the water, along with the feeling of pride and confidence in having chosen the best products to protect and enhance your boat against the harsh open water conditions.

Like you, we share that love of boating too; it drives our research and is the reason why AkzoNobel has a full range of coatings that inspire the confidence and reassurance for a challenge like the 2022 Newport Bermuda Race.

For more information on Micron Extra SPC and to get your Custom Paint Guide go to Interlux.com, and please let me know if there’s any assistance I can offer in the weeks before the race gets underway.Best regards,
The Interlux Team
Technical Support – 1-800-468-7589 
Email – interluxtechnicalservice@akzonobel.com

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