Competitor Bulletin #5: Important Winter Deadlines and Reminders

February 21, 2024

By Kate Somers

We hope you are enjoying our monthly Race Newsletters.  As the start approaches, there is an increasing number of important deadlines and other participant-specific information to convey.   We will start publishing Competitor Bulletins with condensed information pertinent to 2024 participants.

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Notice the Following:

  • Inspection Procedures documentation and the List of Inspectors has been published to the Official Notice Board
  • The Inspection Planning Checklist has been published.  Please submit this checklist as soon as possible.  
  • NOR Amendment #2 has been published on the Official Notice Board.

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • February 22: Last day to request a refund. No deposits will be refunded after this date
  • March 15:  Final versions of rules governing the race (NOR 2.2) will be posted to the Notice Board

Reminders from the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee:


With 168 boats now listed in the entry system, the majority of boat owners have successfully created accounts. If you need clarification on the next steps, please consult the step-by-step Entry Guide

For those Captains who have yet to receive an ‘Invitation to Complete your Entry’, the following steps are essential: add your PIC and RPIC to the crew list and then submit the Offshore Experience Form. Once your offshore experience is approved, you will receive an Invitation to complete your entry.

Familiarize yourself with the ‘Tasks’ tab within the Entry System, which outlines the remaining steps needed to advance your entry.

Questions? [email protected].


Competitors are urged to review the newly posted Inspections Procedures and then complete and submit the online Inspection Planning Checklist as soon as possible.   Find the Inspection Planning Checklist  in the ‘Tasks’ tab for your entry on the Entry System.  (Entry System / My Race Entries / Manage / Tasks) 

Questions? [email protected]

Fleet Communications:

Notice is drawn to the ‘Onboard Mobile Phone’ on your entry page.  The Committee expects that this required phone number will be monitored by the PIC before the race in Newport, after finishing in Bermuda, and during the race whenever the phone is in range for cellular service.  Be sure to enter a mobile phone number that will work in BOTH Newport and Bermuda.

Before appearing for On-Site Registration in Newport, boats must validate their satellite communication system and number using the boat’s satellite communications system in the configuration it will be in while racing and leave a voicemail. Directions and script for this are listed on the last page of the latest Notice of Race in Addendum A.  Only proceed with this call after your satellite communication system is fully configured and provisioned for the race.  

Boats can now add an Offshore Email Address to their boat profile that will be able to receive communications from the Fleet Communications Office during the Race. 

Questions? [email protected]

Safety at Sea:

Courses are filling up, and available openings become hard to find as the race approaches.  Your ‘Tasks’ page on the Entry System may not indicate lack of SaS compliance if you have not completed your online crew list yet.  Plan ahead and make sure you will have enough trained crew.   Trained crew must each upload their SaS and FirstAid certificates on the Entry System under their profile (My Account / My Certificates) 

Questions? [email protected]

Media Team:

We have been welcoming boats on social media over the past few months. If you are still waiting to see yours, thanks for your patience. If you are a new boat and you have not uploaded a photo or bio to your profile, please do so.

Also, our photographer and videographer are offering custom packages for sale. This is new for 2024 and has never been done before. Visit to learn more or secure your space now as their resources are limited. Book by April 1, a $100 credit will be applied to your final invoice.

Lastly, are you willing to take a journalist or media professional aboard with sailing experience? We are always looking for new ways to share the stories from the teams, and if you are willing to take a competent onboard reporter, please let us know. 

Questions? [email protected]

Partner Messages:

North Sails:

Demand is high and our production schedule is filling up so order before March 15th to get new sails in time for the Newport Bermuda Race. Get in touch today and put your new sail on our worklist.


In order to be sure your raft is ready for the June 21 Newport Bermuda Race, all life rafts need to be at LRSE by March 1st.  For future, we recommend that racers need to get life rafts into us in the fall and winter to get them done in time.


20% off discount on all flights. To book, go to and use NEWPORTBDA at checkout.

New York Yacht Club, Cruising Club of America, and Royal Bermuda Yacht Club:

We encourage all participants to consider the opportunity to join the Bermuda Short-Handed Return race co-organized with the CCA and RBYC. This thrilling event - which already boasts 11 entries - not only promises a competitive edge but also ensures a safer passage through meticulous tracking, on-call medical assistance, and the reassuring presence of fellow competitors on the course, ready to lend a helping hand if the need arises. 

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