City of Newport Trophy

Best Performing "Foreign" Yacht

The City of Newport Trophy recognizes the special efforts of Skippers, Crew and Vessels who have come a substantial distance to participate in the Newport Bermuda Race. AND to emphasize the far-ranging significance of this Race as the sole international offshore event among the great yacht races across the globe (The only Start/Finish in different countries among offshore races.)

Increasingly it becomes vague as to a vessel’s true homeport or crew identity as to locale. “Ports of convenience” such as Cayman Islands are thus excluded (as are US and Bermuda locations by definition). The objective is to recognize a true “Foreign” entry that is representative by skipper/crew/functioning homeport that can be rationally identified as foreign – the center of their identity.

That criteria is self-declared by the Skipper on this form, stating briefly the rationale.  Skipper should be prepared to fully and more completely authenticate that declaration should his vessel qualify as the prospective trophy winner.

Entry deadline: Electronic submission no later than 0900 hrs. June 21. 2024.

Scoring is Cross-Divisional (“X-DV”) and is open to vessels in St. David’s, Gibbs Hill, Finisterre and Double-Handed Divisions.


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Yacht NameCountry, Port
SassafrasCanada, Toronto
HydromecCanada Québec city
BLURSweden, Gothenburg
Yacht NameCountry, Port

Special Prize Application: City of Newport Trophy

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Self-declared qualification criteria are not harshly judged but, simply, must be genuine and satisfactory to the BROC for prize award purposes within the spirit of this competition.

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