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2018 Awards Update:

Awards available to competitors total more than 100 and can be read on our complete 2018 prize list, including the St. David’s Lighthouse trophy, the Carleton Mitchell Finisterre trophy, the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.

Despite the number, all prizes are designed to be well-earned and signify outstanding performance by accomplished bluewater sailors. There are no “easy” prizes in the Bermuda Race.

Special Entry – There are now 5 special entry prizes, including the Stephens Brothers Youth Division Trophy, initiated in 2016. Each year some sailors fail to register for the Special Trophies before the race and subsequently miss out on some terrific prizes they could have won!  Don’t let this be you.   

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]An indication of intention on Race Entry is not sufficient.  To qualify a Special Entry form must be completed for each Special Entry prize competition you are qualifying for: 1) Regional  2) Pratt 3-boat Team  3) William L. Glenn Family Participation 4) City of Newport Best “Foreign” Entry, and 5) Stevens Brothers Youth Division (50+% of crew ages 14 thru 23)[/box]Participant Plaque –Each entrant finishing the Race receives a brass plaque suitable for display aboard their vessel which reads “For Successfully Completing the 2018 Newport Bermuda Race.” These are included with the packet you will receive when checking in at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

Awards Ceremony -The Awards Ceremony will be held at Government House Saturday, June 23, 1800 hrs. and is by invitation ONLY. Each vessel receives two pair of invitation tickets at post-race check-in at the RBYC. Invitations MUST be presented at Government House to be admitted. Limited additional race crew member invitations will be provided to winning yachts. These will be issued at the RBYC Duty Desk after the information has been posted. Due to space limitations there are no “extra” tickets. Please do not jeopardize your invitations by seeking advance information or tickets from the staff – this simply delays the process. The information and tickets will be available at the earliest possible time.

[box style=”rounded” border=”full”]Notice to Skippers The CCA has no paid staff. The RBYC has neither the staff nor finances to go into the global export business. The 2018 Bermuda Race Organizing Committee disbands June 23 after Prizegiving, its work done. It is your responsibility to arrange to collect, while you are in Bermuda, your plaque and any prizes you may have won. You may designate a representative to pick up your prize at Government House if you cannot do it personally. There is no facility for shipping unclaimed awards.[/box]

Robert S. Darbee
Awards Chair 

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