Space Available for Boat-Preparation Seminar in Annapolis this Saturday

Teams of Brewer Yacht Yard experts will discuss the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations (OSR) and US Sailing Special Equipment Requirements (USSER), hull construction and stability, rigging and sail selection (including storm sails), safety and emergency equipment, navigation and communications devices. Learn More See pictures from the event last weekend in Newport.
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Race Bulletin #3, August 20, 2015

Dear Sailors, The 2016 Newport Bermuda Race will include new opportunities for high-performance yachts to compete in celebration of the 50th Thrash to the Onion Patch. We are making a slight change to the St. David’s Lighthouse Division description to...
Flying the Naval Academy's distinctive colors, Swift starts the light-air 2014 race. (Talbot Wilson)

Looking Back: The academy fleet

A highlight of the Newport Bermuda Race has long been the very enthusiastic, and sometimes very successful, participation of  young crews from service academies. When it was first suggested that the US Naval Academy enter a boat in the Bermuda...
Royal Bermuda Yacht Club on the Hamilton waterfront hosts the Newport Bermuda Bace and the King Edward VII Gold Cup Match Racing Championship. (Bob Grieser/PPL)

Looking Back: reaching the goal in hospitable Bermuda

For nearly 110 years, Bermuda Races have started at several American ports. But they all finish at the friendly archipelago that nature and God located 635 miles off the U.S. coast, just enough east of south so the typical race...
Navigator Sheila McCurdy calculated a sextant sight and plots the position suring a vorage in the 1980s. (John Rousmaniere)

Looking Back: A navigator’s race

Here’s a challenge: Sail 635 miles mostly out of sight of land. Cross a chaotic current and then make your landfall on a low island behind a reef. (Oh. . . and you’re navigating a race.) A typical navigator during the...
A. J. at helm

Race Bulletin, June 17, 2015

Dear Sailors, There’s something special about the Bermuda Race. I can’t help but smile when I try to explain it to someone unfamiliar with the race, or exchange stories with someone, perhaps like yourself, who has done the race before....
ORR aims to promote participation and fairness across a broad spectrum of boat designs. (Talbot WIlson)

Bermuda Race FAQs: The ORR — what it is, why we use it

The Newport Bermuda Race is dedicated to safe sailing and fair racing: Make sure the competitors are as safe as they can be. That’s why the Bermuda Race Organizing Committee has a rigorous process of inspection and qualifications. Make sure...
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