Guide to Entry

All content on this page pertains to the 2014 race and subject to update for the 2016 Bermuda Race.

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1: File an Application For Entry (requesting an invitation to race)

An Application for Entry (AFE) may be filed beginning on January 13, 2014 from the Race Entry Portal. All AFEs must be filed no later than 1700, April 1, 2014. The AFE must be accompanied by a $50 nonrefundable fee via major credit card. That deposit will be applied to the race entry fee for accepted and completed entries. Your AFE will be reviewed by the Qualifications Committee and you will receive notification from them when your AFE is accepted and you may proceed in the registration system.

If the Captain, Navigator and/or Watch Captains do not have recent Newport Bermuda Race® experience, they may be asked to submit an Offshore Experience Form to satisfy the Qualifications Committee that they have the requisite offshore experience to participate in the race. If required, requests for these forms will follow quickly after filing an AFE and will precede acceptance of your AFE.

2: Begin your entry in the registration system

You may begin to complete your entry immediately upon acceptance of your AFE. Except as noted below, all forms must be completed and filed, the balance of your entry and crew fees paid and your Captain’s Waiver filed not later than 1700, May 16, 2014. You may enter and re-enter the registration system multiple times using your id and password to complete your entry.

3: Arrange for a pre-race inspection

Captains are responsible for arranging an appointment with an Inspector at a mutually convenient time for their pre-race inspection. Captains are also responsible for preparation of their yacht and its equipment in advance of the agreed inspection time so as to make most efficient use of their Inspector’s time. Inspection may begin as early as March 10, 2014, and must be completed not later than 1700, June 6, 2014.

4: Arrange berth in Bermuda

Royal Bermuda Yacht Club requires yachts to pre-register for dock space by submitting a form (pdf). Yachts choosing to berth at Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club should use this form. Space is limited and captains are encouraged to sign up early.

5: Attend a US Sailing sanctioned Safety At Sea Seminar (as required)

Note that at least 30% of a yacht’s crew (including the Captain and the Navigator or a Watch Captain) must have completed a US Sailing sanctioned Safety At Sea Seminar within 5 years of the Race’s June 20, 2014 start. The Newport Bermuda Race® will sponsor seminars on March 15-16 and also June 18th in Newport.  If these times and date are not convenient, US Sailing schedules Safety At Sea Seminars at many locations around the country, however some Safety at Sea Seminars do not satisfy Newport Bermuda Race Requirements.

6: Arrange for measurement for your ORR (and IRC, if applicable) rating(s)

Yachts’ measurement appointments must be made by May 7, 2014 (NoR 6.1(a) and measurement data for your rating(s) must be in the hands of US Sailing’s Offshore Office not later than 1700, May 22, 2014, except that sail certificates may be submitted not later than 1700, June 6 2014. Captains are responsible for arranging measurement of their yacht by a US Sailing approved measurer at a mutually convenient time and place. (The US Sailing Offshore office can also help with many rating questions.) Note that measurement may begin as early as the Fall, 2013 if major alterations or repairs to your yacht before the start are not expected.

7: File Crew Information Form & Waiver

Your entire crew must complete a Crew Information Form & Waiver and file it not later than 1700, June 1, 2014. This form, available from the entry portal, must be printed, manually signed and either scanned and emailed to OR faxed to 401 537-9157. Note that Captains must also complete, print, sign and fax a Crew Information Form (it’s how your personal information gets into the registration system) to

8: Make sure each crew member has applied for and received an ISAF Sailor Classification

Each sailor in the race must have a Sailor Classification (1 for amateur sailors or 3 for professionals). Most divisions limit the number of 3’s in the crew. Classifications are valid for two years or earlier depending on his or her professional circumstances. For more about the Sailor Classification Code and instructions for applying for a Classification, go to

10: Check in at Race Headquarters and attend the Captain’s Meeting

Check in at Race HQ at NYYC’s Harbour Court Sailing Center – hours are 1200-1600, Sunday, June 15; 0900-1700 Monday and Tuesday June 16 & 17; and 0900-1600 Wednesday, June 18, 2014. The Captain’s Meeting will be at the Jane Pickens Theater at 1700 on Thursday, June 19, 2014.

11: Join us at the Start, Friday, June 20, 2014

First gun is scheduled at 1250. We’ll see you there.

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