Safety at Sea Seminars

March 19-20 2016
Safety at Sea Seminar Weekend
Newport, RI

At least 30% of a yacht’s crew (including the Captain and the Navigator or a Watch Captain) must have completed a US Sailing sanctioned Safety At Sea (SAS) Seminar within the last 5 years of the Race’s start.

The Cruising Club of America hosts a March Safety at Sea seminar weekend specifically designed to meet the needs of racers participating in the Newport Bermuda Race. As a US Sailing Sanctioned Seminar it satisfies the requirements of most US-originated nearshore and ocean races and offers an ISAF certificate as an option. Contents of the seminar follow the curriculum provided by ISAF Offshore Special Regulations and include topics of interest to both racing and cruising sailors. Certificate earned are issued through US Sailing and valid for five years. The moderator will be Bruce Brown, who is well known to sailors in the Pacific Cup, and has experience in moderating both SAS seminars and Practical hands-on training seminars. The ISAF training will include both a refresher option and a second day of Practical hands-on.

US Sailing is currently evaluating online training options for Safety at Sea Seminars and the CCA seminar coordinators and the moderator are prepared to adapt to changes in format as they develop. Some online training modules have been developed and tested, and others are pending, all of which may allow for more active participation of attendees.
It is anticipated that registration will be available mid-fall of 2015.

The Safety at Sea seminar location will be at the Marriott Hotel, 25 America’s Cup Avenue, Newport, Rhode Island, and will include an extensive number of exhibitors on Saturday. In addition to the SAS and ISAF options, the organizers will offer a Sunday Race Preparation Seminar, specifically oriented to those participating in the Newport Bermuda Race with topics including class structure and prizes, developing a prerace strategy, the Gulf Stream, preparing the Boat, sail selection and Q&A. A Sunday medical seminar will include a presentation on medical assessment and an opportunity to address some likely medical scenarios The race preparation and medical seminars will be available as separate and stand-alone seminars for those who do not require SAS or ISAF certification.

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