Safety at Sea Seminars

All content on this page pertains to the 2014 race
and subject to update for the 2016 Bermuda Race.

Race Requirements

  • At least 30% of a yacht’s crew (including the Captain and the Navigator or a Watch Captain) must have completed a US Sailing sanctioned Safety At Sea (SAS) Seminar  of the Race’s start
  • Most US-Sailing SAS seminars satisfy this requirement, however a specially-created pre-race seminar for Bermuda Race sailors takes place  prior to the start in June in Newport, RI

June 18 Safety at Sea Seminar
in Newport, RI

This US Sailing Sanctioned Seminar is organized by the Cruising Club of America for Bermuda Race participants and it satisfies the requirements of most US-originated nearshore and ocean races.
Contents of the seminar follow the curriculum provided by the ISAF Offshore Special Regulations and include topics of interest to both racing and cruising sailors: care and maintenance of safety equipment; storm sails; damage control and repair; heavy weather sailing; man overboard prevention and recovery; giving assistance to other craft; seasickness & hypothermia; search & rescue organization and methods; weather forecasting; life raft and life jacket demos; and communications. Speakers have been selected by moderator Ron Trossbach to provide a maximum amount of information in this day-long session. The certificate earned is issued through US Sailing and is valid for five years.

The seminar location will be at the Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) Newport Auditorium at 1 John H. Chaffee Blvd.

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Note: This page previously listed the requirement as ‘last 10 years.’ Corrected 9/11/13