Regional Trophy Selection Application

In 2014, for the first time, the Newport Bermuda Race is awarding “Regional” Prizes to recognize the efforts of vessels and crew that come some distance to participate in the event.  There are 5 regions to be so recognized.  Qualification for a Regional Prize requires Special Entry utilizing this form which must be submitted electronically prior to the Race and no later than 0900 hrs. Friday, June 20.  Entry is open to Gibbs Hill, St. David’s, Double-Handed and Cruiser Divisions.  There will be a single prize for the best performance by a vessel from each of the 5 regions as determined by the Race’s Cross-Divisional (“X-DV”) system.  (Note: The “City of Newport Prize” is for the best performance by a “Foreign Country” vessel and is a separate competition from the Regionals.  It is not addressed here.)

Identification of a yacht’s true “Region” can be subjective due to a number of factors.  The goal is to determine the region most identified with the skipper, vessel & crew which may or may not precisely fit a formula.  A skipper should declare the most-suited region using suggested criteria below.   If neither Homeport nor Skipper’s Home Address  fits, then he may elect the Other, stating rationale which will be subject to acceptance by Bermuda Race Organizing Committee and generally will be granted so long as it is reasonable and a clear case is stated.