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    The 51st Newport Bermuda Race

    will start Friday, June 15th 2018

Gray Benson adds to Aura's growing collection of drifting party balloons.

The Road to Bermuda: Finding the Trash to the Patch

Chris Museler tells how his oceanic environmental consciousness was raised during a long-distance race by the sight of a few colorful balloons. Hearing “This happens every year” made him even more depressed.   The 2016 Block Island Race was my training...
The visiting Chinese crew and their media team received a special recognition at the prize ceremony. Talbot Wilson/PPL

An International Race Gains its First Chinese Entry

The Newport Bermuda Race’s international race course has long attracted sailors and boats from many countries. The 185-boat entry list in early June included sailors from 23 countries and 21 boats with non-US sail numbers. Fifty-five of the crews included...
Sunrise over Warrior Won on the last day. She won St. David's, the largest division.

A Race Summary: Spectacular Weather, Intense Competition

Bermuda: June 23, 2016. By John Rousmaniere.  The fleet’s diversity was matched by the range of conditions (calm to stormy), beauties (full moon and thunderheads), and aggressive tactics many boats employed. It is, after all, a race. Results are posted...

The Road to Bermuda: A Different Kind of Sailing

June 22, 2016.  Today, as Chris Museler was approaching St. David’s Light in the Swan 44 Aura, he asked himself this question: “As we near the finish of the 50th Bermuda Race (and my fifth), will I ever do  another...
Defiance iTalbot Wilsonl/PPL)

Reflections while Standing Watch to St. David’s Light

Stuart Streuli writes from Defiance. “Win, lose or draw, there’s nothing that compares to the feeling to hitting the dock after 600 miles of racing from Newport to Bermuda.” Along the way there are plenty of lessons learned about boats,...
The eve of Frank Bohlen's birthday.

The Road to Bermuda: Strange Weather, Elusive Time

Chris Museler writes: We have nearly 200 miles to the finish.  Even though I have complained about the slow speed of our boat, the Swan 44 Aura, this “Berth to Bermuda” (John Rousmaniere’s tantalizing title for his history of the...
"Champagne conditions" dominated over Warrior Won and the other boats.

“What Offshore Sailing is About,” and other Bloggers’ Notes

These blogs from three boats cover every sailor’s various states of mind: awe, frustration, rapture, fear, focus, patience, distraction, love of the sea and nature, and all-out competitiveness regardless of the conditions. Inisharon, Mark D’Arcy, “We are struggling” June 20,...
Dateline Newport.  2002 Onion Patch Series. 
New York YC Anniversary Regatta. 
'Aura'  a Swan 44 owned by William J Kardash
PHOTO CREDIT: Barry Pickthall/PPL 
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The Road to Bermuda: A Time Warp Boat with a Happy Skipper

Chris Museler enjoys sailing this “fits-and-starts race” in a boat older than he is, and with a skipper who cheerfully cooks and fusses and takes great pleasure in sailing offshore. The fact that the Swan 44 Aura was reaching at...
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