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Chris Museler

The Road to Bermuda: Chris Museler Reports from Aura

Chris Museler’s usual ride to Bermuda is in a very hot boat, but this year, after his first ride opted not to race and the second had equipment problems, he’s trimming sails in what he calls “a speed-limit boat”—the Swan...
2016 Newport to Bermuda Race

“Champagne Conditions” for Comanche, Seeking Race Record

Less than 24 hours into the race, Comanche is already through the Gulf Steam and pressing to break Rambler’s elapsed time record from 2012. “We’re in Champagne conditions, making 20-25 knots,” said skipper Kenny Read.   Newport, June 18, 4:30PM....
It's pretty, and also pretty light.

Stu Streuli Reports from Defiance: Lots of Surprises Out There

Skilled sailing journalist Stuart Streuli reports from the race course, where the living is easy, but the winds and the VMG aren’t quite what was predicted.  And there’s an important birthday. For the crew of Peter Noonan’s Swan 56 Defiance,...
Comanche charges out of Narragansett Bay, as always with plenty of attention. (Daniel Forster/PPL)

Newport Bermuda Race Starts: Easy Sailing, More Weather Debate

Newport, RI.  June 18, 2016. 10AM. By JOHN ROUSMANIERE. The first night of the 50th Bermuda Race found the 130 boats in the fleet reaching comfortably in a light westerly wind, most tightly bunched well behind the leader, Comanche. Jim...
"we can always turn around." The philosophical crew of the Double-Hander Arrowhead, Rob Windsor and  Steve Berlack.

The Road to Bermuda: Addressing Pre-Start Jitters

Newport, June 17, 2016:  Is this a tough-guy contest, or is it meant to be fun? After Chris Museler vents his concerns when the Newport Bermuda Race forecast is for strong winds and rough seas, two friends step up and...
Gulf Stream squalls ahead. (John Rousmaniere)

Obsessing About Weather (with a Lightning Bolt Thrown In)

Newport RI, June 16, 2016.  As the nearly 1,700 sailors who will soon race to Bermuda make their preparations, loading food and gear into their boats and lining up to pre-clear customs and immigration, all of them have one question...
Philip McKee and one of Bella Pita's spinnakers. Some boats carry several of them.

The Road to Bermuda: Making the Big Call on Sails

What is Kimo Worthington’s advice to Bermuda Race crews? asks Chris Museler. He summarizes it this way: “Look at the forecast and sail hard.”  And have the right sails for the conditions. If there was ever a person to ask...

Youth Sailors are Now Recognized in Newport Bermuda Race

For the first time in Newport Bermuda Race history, youth sailors are receiving special recognition with two new prizes that honor two legendary sailors whose ocean racing careers began when they were young—the brothers Olin and Rod Stephens.   Sailors...
2014 Newport Bermuda Race

Race Bulletin No. 14

Dear Sailors, No reminder is necessary that the fun part of this is just one week away.  Here are a few other reminders we have compiled based on the most frequently asked questions during the final week before the race....
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