Don’t Leave Hardware on the Table (Trophy Hardware, That Is)


Glenn Family Participation Prize (Scott King photo) 

Don’t overlook the three Special Entry Prizes in the Newport Bermuda Race. They qualify for Cross-Divisional (X-DV) competition, which means boats from different divisions compete head to head for the same prize.  Entries will be accepted until 9 a.m. on Friday June 20 

The new Regional Prizes are awarded to boats from each of five areas: Chesapeake, Deep South, Great Lakes, Pacific Coast, and Canada (whether it’s the home port or another self-declared locale). Boats entered in the St. David’s Lighthouse, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Cruiser, and Double-Handed divisions are eligible and are scored against each other within their region.  Here’s an opportunity to compete with your local rival even if you’re sailing in different divisions.  Many eligible vessels have not submitted entries. 

The H. Irving Pratt Trophy for three-boat teams is now  open to teams composed of any mix of the divisions listed above, and any combination of geographical areas.  The winning team is the one with the lowest combined Cross-Divisional score.  Each member of a winning team receives a handsome custom-produced plaque displaying the vessel’s lines.  Any vessel sailing in the 2014 Newport Bermuda Race can (and should) be a member of a Pratt three-boat team.

The William L. Glenn Family Participation Prize is open to boats with at least four members of the same family aboard, including one member of the afterguard.  Boats in the St. David’s Lighthouse, Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, and Cruiser divisions are eligible.  Up to four places are awarded. This is a great opportunity for family rivals to compete against each other.  A 2012 Glenn Prize winner reported that the chagrined skipper of another vessel with a large family contingent finished higher in the fleet but was ineligible for the Glenn Family Participation Prize because, he said, “We simply overlooked it.”

Entries will be accepted until 9 a.m. on Friday June 20.  Information on all Special Entry competition:
Information on all prizes is at 
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